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Our new addition to the family

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We were finally were able to bring our new baby home after many months of waiting. This is Winchester, an English Black Lab, 8 weeks old with a champion bloodline. His Grandfather was the #1 English Black Lab in the country in 2006. English's are stockier and slightly shorter than their American brothers. I can't wait to get the training going and eventually put some ducks on the table. My wife said she's going to train him to bite me in the ass every time I miss a duck. Anyone schooled in treating butt bites?

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Awwww!! He's adorable! NetTech and I have a English black lab - his name is Gunner! He's our big baby!

By the way - NetTech is an EMT - he could probably give you some tips on treating butt bites!! LOL
Awesome looking pup. Blocky head. :)
cool dog :)

labs seem to always have a sad look on their faces lol
And so it begins!!! what a handsom dog good luck with the training
Awesome looking pup. Blocky head. :)
LOL, yup the English Labs are thicker and heavier.
Congrats, there goes the food budget (dog food anyway).
Congrats, always loved Labs
He's a real cutie...

Congrats on the puppy. My best friends brother trains duck dogs for a living. I'm not much into it but its a full time job for him. Its fun to watch him in action. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress. Here's his website.
Now that a cutie!! Butt bites....hummm...don't miss any ducks!!!! Congrats on a good looking pup.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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