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OK Trigger work starting: How about you all what have you done?

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OK I am new to tinkering with Glocks. Have owned a 27 for many years and never really messed with it other than refinishing it myself and changing out the slide release. Got a 21 and 22 about 2 weeks ago and now I am working to make the trigger better. I have worked on 1911's for over 30 years and do not blink an eye at doing anything on those other than possibly machining the slide so I got some background on firearms.

Last night I installed a in the G21 the following. A Ghost 3.5 connector, a 5lb trigger spring and the LWD Ultimate trigger stop (it's just a regular ejector housing with a set screw installed to stop the trigger bar). Using a Lyman digital scale my weights are all over the place, I really can't tell what the trigger is since sometimes I'll get a reading of 5lbs while others I'll get one of just ounces while I can tell you it's NOT that low. I know it's difficult to read the Glock trigger on a scale but it can be done, I just can't tell how.

My issue is that changing many of these parts did not really change much. I took a lot of readings at each step in case anyone is interested and took LOT's of pictures. Bottom line is that it appeared that polishing the trigger mating surfaces did most of the changes. Using green and white rouge and a felt wheel on a flex shaft I polished many of the bearing surfaces to a mirror finish.

What do you all think, what have you seen if you have done this work also ? What is the stock weight on your Glocks ? I had about a 9lb pull and now I am down to anything between 2.8 and 4.2 but again it's all over the scale. Most of all the "sponge" "twang/boing" feel of my release is MUCH better on my trigger. Does anyone know what the stock weight of the trigger spring is ? How about the connector ? I am thinking about mixing some of the components and try to go back up to a 4-5lb pull but still maintain the crisper trigger. My only dislike on the Glock is that "twang" I get upon releasing the trigger.
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I havnt personally done any work to my triggers on my glocks. I have read alot about it and you have done about all you can do. I choose to leave mine stock so that i know exactly how the trigger is on all of them. Glicks come from the factory with a 5.5 lb trigger. Id say you prob have yours foen to about 3.5-4. Just a guess tho. If your over all goal is to try and get it to feel like a 1911 trigger it wont happen. The way the safe action trigger is designed its merly impossible with out running into reliability issues or a safety issue. Thus the reason I choose not to mod my trigger.
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