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OD Green on it's way out

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will no longer be offered by Glock, will you miss it?
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Well, since its not even green, at least to my eyes, I wont miss it at all.
I don't have any and won't miss it at all.
Its never really appealed to me.
OD green,what OD green? More like OD tan.
Thank you, finally someone else noticed!
After reading the posts in this thread... I think I know why they canceled the green...
After reading the posts in this thread... I think I know why they canceled the green...
If they would make them green and not tan, Id be interested.
yeah their OD was never rly OD to me, and Im more of a black frame guy anyway..If i ever go 2 tone i will just get a stainless slide.
Never really had an interest in the OD.

I like the straight black, personally, and likely wouldn't get a multi color or other colored one. But that's just me.
I'm with you guys. I like my guns black.
everyone calls it OD "green". it's just OD lol

OD stands for olive drab, it's not "olive drab green"
I'm going to get one eventually. Always have wanted one.
No....never had one that is just fine.
I prefer the 100% no nonsense, all business BLACK. If you want to make it OD/Tan or whatever, rub some dirt on it!!!!!!!!
I don't mind it.....not going out of my to get it......but would not turn down a decent deal on a nice gun because of it....
I decided on OD for the G30 I just ordered. I am fine with the look. Since it will be my 3rd Glock, I thought it would be worth adding to my collection. Who knows, maybe in 20 to 30 years it will be worth an extra dollar or two over the std black model.
I'm gonna miss it. I love OD. Got my G23 and G27. I want an OD G35 but the Gen3 full size doesn't fit my hands very well, the Gen4 fits my hands perfect plus I love the Gen4 mag release. I figure maybe I could get the OD G35 and customize it to accept the Gen4 mag release, maybe get a grip reduction too.

I might even get the Gen4 G35, which is available at Ed's Public Safety in GA right now :D, and DuraCoat it Magpul Flat Dark Earth, that color is pretty darn close to Glock OD.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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