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No More G21...So I Changed My User Name (MAsG21)

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I should have known better than to use a specific model # in my user name! Since I got the OD G30 I decided to trade the G21. I've been looking for a good Home Defense shotgun and recently found one that met my requirements. So no more G21! A little sad that I don't have my "first Glock", but I am "pumped" up to have the new Remington 870!! :cool:
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Congratulations... I seem to remember that you have shot rifles and shotguns before, right?

I have heard that shotguns are really the best home defense weapon... The only thing better is dogs!
Thanks! I already own a few hunting shotguns, but I was looking for something more suitable for home defense. I got a Remington 870 Express Synthetic 12ga w/ 18.5" barrel and extended mag (6+1). Also has a SureFire Forend WeaponLight and a 4 round side saddle. This will be my first pump action shotgun. The others are auto and single shot breech load. Here are a couple of pics...

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No...I actually found it on another forum. The guy lives in Charlotte and he was looking for a Glock. He actually drove from south Charlotte up to the shop in Concord to do the trade, so I gave him a tour for making it so easy on me! It was one of those RARE easy transactions!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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