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I came across this website while researching some ideas for Chris' connector evaluation plan. A lot of different online modules for people to read up on. Nice source for a lot of info. I put a list of the modules below but they're all on the website.


Firearm Examiner Training

1: Introduction
02: History
03: Propellants, Firearms, and Ammunition Development
04: Modern Firearms Manufacture
05: Small Arms Ammunition
06: Evidence Handling Procedures
07: Equipment and Instrumentation
08: Examination of Firearms
09: Cartridge and Shotshell Examination
10: Characterization and Evaluation of Fired Projectiles
11: Bullet Comparison and Identification
12: Gunshot Residue and Distance Determination
13: Toolmark Identification
14: Communicating Results

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Cool find. I will have to go through the course. Should be fun
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