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Newb, Glock 22, 23 parts/mods/etc

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Hello all. Im close to being the owner of a Glock 22, 23. Im just now looking for the right deal on the pistol and Im set. (If anyone has anything, let me know [email protected]) How about aftermarket parts, modifications? What do people normally do to these pistols? I hear so much talk about people suping up their Glock, what all is involved in that?
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I always leave my Glocks stock. I might add extended releases but they are Glock parts. Get to know your gun before you tinker it. Gaston created something pretty good .... it really needs no help.

Welcome to a great forum.
Night sights and maybe the Tango Down Vickers extended mag release.
Forget the 25 cent trigger job, and just dry fire the snot out of it.
That will smooth out the trigger and teach you trigger control.
Get to know your pistol before you think about changing anything. :cool:
All good points from above. I recommend adding an extended slide release as soon as you grab it up. Then once you have shot it a lil, maybe look into an extended mag release. You can get parts from midwayusa for good prices. You migh also consider a set of night sights or light if you are gonna use it for SD/HD. Most of all though, practice. Do a bunch od dryfire/live fire exercises. It is OK to dryfire your glock, so do it to help smoothe out the trigger pull and this also helps you learn the triggers characteristics. Practice draws an reloads.

If you'd like some recommendations on stance and grip please feel free to ask. Hope this helps, Happy Shootin! Boomer
The only thing that immediately gets done to any of mine are night sights. Most of mine get carried for self defense and I want a sure sight picture if it is noon or midnight with a flashlight. Other parts I am not too keen on except on my competition Glock. I tend to avoid Extended slide releases on something that I am going to carry.

Anything that sticks out any further has a better chance of getting caught on clothing. I also avoid extended magazine releases on carry weapons. More chance of accidently releasing my mag while carrying it or trying to get it out. I absolutely do NOT stipple any of my Glocks. Some say it makes the weapon easier to hold. I say get some grip tape or talon grips. Stipple it and then try to send it in for some sort of problem with the frame. I know what they will tell ya.

3 1/2lbs connectors can be nice but like others have suggested get it and shoot it some get a feel for it before you sink a bunch of money into parts that neither you or the gun need.
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I also go with the Keep It Stock school of thought. Glocks are damn fine right out of the box. I would just do an extended slide release and maybe night sights or cirmson trace at the most as far as mods go. I currently have Talon Grips on my 23 and 27, don't consider that much of a mod.
Sweet answers fella's. The lady and i went to the cop shop, local gun shop that specializes for service, public or military members. They have great prices for brand new and i was about ready to get the paperwork going on a gen 4 g22 but i dont wanna drop that money. Said and done 500 i guess is a great price but again more then i want to drop. Im looking for and if anyone can help me, a used, holster wear is fine, 22 or 23 gen 3. In looking to be under 400. This is gonna be a carry, get worn out pistol so spending alot is out of the question. Let me know what you have. Also what about the really hi cap mags for .40 cal. The guy at the shop said they make them but didnt give me any info on them. If i went with a 23 could i get the grip extension for the mag and use a 22 mag?
I've heard most of the bigger 30 rounds mags are junk, has them for a pretty cheap price, but I'd stick with factory Glock mags, you can find them for 20.00ish if you look around. had them on sale a while back, not sure if they still do.
As for the used G23 or 22, I'd personnally just pay another 100.00 for new, you never know how the previous owner treated it, even thoght it's a Glock and damn near invincible, I like knowing mine were never owned by anybody else. You said you almost did it, the want to is there, now you just gotta do it, LOL.
Oh yeah the want is there, the want to drop the funds isnt however. Besides if im going to buy new i may want to wait for the gen 4 g23. I heard october for that?? I dont mind used for a glock. Im still learning about them but if i find someone locally i can check it out. For what i plan on doing with it its better i dont buy new. I would hate to wear out a new on with carrying and holster wear. Plus i may want to try throwing it in the dirt, water, etc lol. I couldnt bring myself to do that to a brand new firearm. If someone on here has a good deal even with shipping i may be interested. That sucks glock didnt make a high cap mag for the 40 cal. I guess the only reason was the g18 for 9mm.
Does glock make different recoil springs to soften the blow of the .40? Not for me but my lady doesnt like alot of recoil.
Does glock make different recoil springs to soften the blow of the .40? Not for me but my lady doesnt like alot of recoil.
You can get an aftermarket spring to help with the recoil. You may want to try a 15# spring and a stainless guide rod.
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Does glock make different recoil springs to soften the blow of the .40? Not for me but my lady doesnt like alot of recoil.
You can get recoil springs.. but you you can also get an after market conversion barrel in 9mm or 357 for the .40 cal glocks (G22, G23, G27). You lady would probably prefer a 9mm over the .357. If you go that round just pick up some mags that fit the round.

The .40 glocks have the same frame of the the 9mm glocks. The slides and the barrels are different. You can step down with a G23 (.40 cal's) or whatever but you can't step up from a G19 (9mm)
On my G23 I put a Hogue HandAll grip and a Pearce Grip Plug that sits flush with the frame. The grip adds considerable bulk but it's just right for my hands.
Glock makes a 22 round 40 cal. mag for the G22,23,and 27.
It will also work with 357 sig ammo if you get a 357 sig conversion barrel.
There's really too many options for changing parts on glocks to mention here if you're not sure what specifically you're looking for. Do some googling, there's how vids on YouTube that show you how to change parts. Its simple :)

Ask us any questions you like :)
I have a 27 and 22. Put night sights on both and ext slide stop levers, 3.5# trigger on the 27 that I CC. Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.
The OP asked this question back in August. LOL
The OP asked this question back in August. LOL
lol! i didn't notice. who revived this dead thread? lol :)
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