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New to Glock guns & Need Some Advice/Suggestions

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Hey there everybody. I'm about to pickup my Glock 17 this tuesday and am wondering what is the first thing of many that I should do with it. I'll most likely go out to the range and shoot with it for a while; which brings me to my next question: What brand of FMJ ammo should I buy? The guy that sold me the gun suggested a box of 50 MagTech 9mm FMJ 115 grain for range shooting while advising me to avoid reloads. Also, I didn't get a chance to see what type of gun cleaners/oil they had at the shop and was wondering as to what brand of gun cleaner and oil would work well with my gun that you guys use personally. Thanks.
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I use Hoppes for cleaning the barrel, CLP for lube.
For range ammo I use Winchester White Box.
Run a patch down the barrel to make sure it is clear/clean of any debris and then go shoot the snot out of it.
field strip and check for debris/overgreasing and relube with any quality oil of your choice... seems your GLOCK doesnt care what you oil it with as long as you dont use too much and keep it out of the firing pin channel... a film in the barrel and a drop in the reccomended places i.e. guide tabs on frame, rear of trigger action etc. is all you need... wipe the mags but keep them as well as the mag wells dry... as far as ammo i also never have any problems with WWB... speer or remington are good too and the issue with reloads is the GLOCK barrel has a different type of rifling that isnt as sharp as say a revolver barrel... there have been reported problems with the unjacketed lead clogging up the barrel or bullets becoming stuck
I recommend checking out your local Wal-Mart and buying 6 boxes of Federal ammo which is only $9 plus change per brick. (50 rounds per box)

I have a Glock 35 and went over 1000 reloads with no serious issues.
Good advice from all I to use CPL and Hoppes. Cheapest ammo I can find is WWB at $24.00 per hundred. Just shoot and shoot it and follow Glock manual and you will be fine. When you decide what SD ammo you will use, shoot at least 200 rounds down range with no problem and you are good to go
Plinking ammo has one rule ... the cheaper the better. Walmart ... Federal, WWB, Blazer Brass. Clean with any cleaner made for a gun. Also simple green works well. Sparingly oil as directed in the manual.
yeah I agree with the "cheaper the better" part, I have never had any problems running cheaper ammo through any of my pistols (with the exception of my P22), and I cant tell any difference using $10 ammo versus using my $20-$30 dollar carry ammo as far as accuracy goes when target shooting. As far as cleaners and oils go I absolutely love G96 if you can find it buy a small can and see how you like it, it is an all in one product that doesnt stink up the room your in.
Sounds like you got some good advise so far. One question though. More of a observation actually. Is the gun new or used? If it is new you will see a copper colored grease in it. Alot of people mistake it for rust. It is not rust. Also, leave it in there don't go out of your way to clean it out. Shoot it with it in there. Otherwise avoid lead projectiles and have fun
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