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New to firearms?

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TheLaw posted a good FYI about the 4 Laws of Gun Safety which begs a question--

How about having a section for newbie/noob/beginner questions? You'll see some basic questions scattered about the forums but maybe having a separate section would be useful.

Also, one person's beginner question might still be useful for the whole community, and keeping all these discussions in one area would make it useful as a FAQ/stickie section.

Just my $0.02
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Good idea, here is my contribution.... Recently I had an issue with my G17, TedG sent me this link and it was very useful.... It's a step by step disassemble reassemble instruction sheet with pics...
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I like the idea. One single place for tons of information to new shooters/gun owners. I guess it's up to Rob and the Mods now but I like your idea pistol. :)
Sounds like a good idea to me... We could put lots of videos and info in it...

Maybe call it the "New Shooters" forum or something like that...
A second motion for the "New Shooters" forum.
I like it... we'll put it into effect in the next couple of days. Thanks for the suggestion!
Thank *you*. Now there's a place where I can post some of my too-afraid-to-ask questions :cool:
Post'em up anyway. That is what some of us are here for
Hey Rob and mods--

Thought I'd refresh this thread since we've gone past 1K users. I'm starting to see new posts on old topics-- dry fire, snap caps, "there's a rattle in the xx of my Glock is this normal?", hot ammo use, etc. Stickies are good, but you have to go to each subforum to find them, and my guess is like real stickies, they're going to pile up over time.

Any chance for a new section -- a FAQ list, a forum for newbies, etc?
I like it! Let's see what Rob says.
Good idea - Firearms FAQ or Glock FAQ?
Why not both? You'll have everything covered.
Good idea - Firearms FAQ or Glock FAQ?
Why not just FAQ?
Why not just FAQ?
+1 - clean and sleek. Not cluttered. :)
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