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New press

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I just got my new Lee 50bmg press in the mail. Came complete with dies, etc. etc. etc.. You all know what that means right? More time with my baby. I like to call her Thumper.

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Having never shot one, I'll let SF answer with a valued opinion but I watched a show on the .50 cal and they had a small woman shooting it. They stated the recoil was very minimal for what they were shooting.
I have shot smaller rifles that kicked harder. The thing with the 50 is the concussion. It certainly rolls back onto the shooter. I have had people tell me that after shooting her for 10 rounds or so that they could taste blood in their mouth. Also, there is a warning on her saying not to shoot more than 10 rounds with out taking a break due to risk of heart attack from concussion.
On the show, they stated it was paramount to be directly behind the weapon, and not off to one side or the other. :)
Could be this one
or this one

there are lots of them out there. They are fun
I tried finding the video but my Google'Fu is off today. The video I am referring to was on a Shooting USA show, where they features the Barret company. They showed how they made the 50 cals and then I think it was Mr. Barrett's daughter who went out and shot the rifle on their range.
Where is your sense of adventure jb?
It's in Florida where it's warmer! LOL
It's supposed to be on the 20's tonight here in GA. I've got the truck plugged in, and extra blankets on the bed. Going to be cold tonight. :(
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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