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Please take the time to say hello to current members so we can welcome you and say hello back. Feel free to respond to any threads you wish. A lot of info floating around so please share and enjoy.
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Great advice blackriderhank. We would love to share our info and or advice about what to or what not to do from our experience with any new glock owners or non new owners.
Hello. Pinoy_glocker. Its always good to see new people here. Welcome.
Hello. Pinoy_glocker. Its always good to see new people here. Welcome.
Thanks. I just bought my Glock 23 a week ago so Im a total newbie to Glocks.
Congrats on the 23. I have 1 as well, it has quickly become my favorite glock. I also have a 357 sig conversion barrel for mine. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.
Hi guys! Im new here :D
Welcome glad to have you here to join in the fun
The 23 was my first one also.. bought a used 2nd gen.. welcome to the site!
I see we picked up a couple of new members. Welcome guys. I look forward to sharing Ideas and Info with all of you. Take care and shoot those Glocks
Looks like another new member, Great and welcome. Glad you joined and hope to read your posts soon
Hey wizard1973 Welcome glad you joined.
See we have gained a couple new members. Welcome and please tell your like minded friends. Feel free to post, I want to hear your opinions on any topic you choose. Rob is doing a great job of growing the site and we have a great bunch so far (watch out for Bowhunter rofl) hey Bow you asked for that one rofl.
Hey guys, I should have popped in here to make a formal introduction days ago but didnt think about it. Great sight! Enjoying all the good info. The names Craig
Welcome to the new members. Hey sure do look cute in your avatar. :)
Thanks Bow,
Thats Rachel Ray by the way and she is a cutie.On another note I see we have gained yet more members. Way cool.Jump in and don't be shy.Share your thoughts,opinions and expertise.
Hi everyone. New to the forum, but I've had at least one Glock since I bought my first one (a G22) in 1991. Hope to both learn and contribute here.

Guys and gals,
We have alot of new members and that is great. Rob is working hard with the help of his wife. Please post post post, that is why we are here. Welcome aboard
Hello y'all new guy here from central Texas...joined up to learn from all y'all guys and gals( if any are here yet). Okay okay I'll cut out all that southern stuff and just say I'm proud to be
a member here. Be gentle with me because I'm fairly new at this forum stuff!!
Welcome you will find Rob has built a great sight with great folks (even Bowhunter ROFL) Hey Bow how you doing man. Wow I signed on today and we have over 100 members. That Is awsome. I think Rob and Bobbi should have a cook out and invite us all LOL. Bobbi happy mothers day.
I'll bring my rib rub to the cookout
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