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New Members Wanted... (Please Read if you're considering a "No- Strings" membership)

Hello potential new members,
I invite you to join the "" community as a valued member of the group.
As noted in a previous posting I see that the bulk of site viewers at any time consists of a handful of enlisted members and a ton of non-members as viewers only...
Electing to join is a "NO-Strings" commitment that you can opt out of at any time with no further involvement. You may also note that each time that you log-out that all tracing/tracking cookies are automatically removed for your INTERNET security and personal protection. Please also note that YOU select your track back options... my wife has elected to not be notified on any of her posts or comments yet will review them each time that she logs into the website.
Give it a try... it's alot of FUN and chocked full of Glock info with QUALITY Folk that know their stuff :cool:

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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