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New member here. Excited to see a new Glock sight. Not much exciting to add here. Started LE career at the local Sheriff's Dept. Spent two years there and moved to a city department and spent the next 28 years there, before retiring in 07. Went straight to a newly formed state LE agency and am on my third year there. Father retired after 21 years in LE, and served 1 term as Sheriff. My son is currently a state trooper. In other words, my whole life has revolved around LE (good or bad).

Have been a firearms instructor for 25 years and have been a glock armorer for a long time. Fortunate to attend the Glock Advanced Armorers school when it was still a road show.

That's about it. Again, glad to be here and hope to learn something new!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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