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New Member from Down Under

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G'day guys,

I have recently taken up shooting handguns, and have fallen in love with the Glock's. Now being in Australia (not the best place to try and own firearms) our choices are very limited when it comes to guns. As a sporting shooter you're not allowed to own anything more than a 9mm, with a minimum barrel length of 120mm and no more than a 10 round capacity. So as you can guess it really limits our choices when it comes to handguns. Basically I love the glock 17A, which is a version of the Glock 17 with a 10 round mag and an extended barrel to comply. All I can say is the info that's on here has been great so far and I am really jealous of all the types of firearms and also how you can use them, as we can only use the handguns for target shooting, you can't take them hunting yet alone carry on you in the street.

Thanks for putting together such a great site with so much info all in the one place.

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Glad to have you here man. We are currently fighting for our gun rights here and its a constant battle to protect our 2A rights fought daily by many great people. Again welcome from the US of A and if you get a chance to visit pm me and we will kill some evil paper targets togeather, they are evil ya know those paper cuts hurt.
Sounds good blackriderhank,

It's a battle here everyday as well, with every year comes more restrictions as to what you can and cannot have. Hopefully though both here and the USA people will begin to realise that firearms aren't the problem, the problem is the minority of people who use them illegally, and then the law abiding citizens have to cop the penalties. I wouild love to visit the USA one day, and when I do I will definately take you up on your offer.

And yes paper and cardboard are evil, and love blowing them to pieces with my Glock 17A :)
Welcome to the site Howsee! Thanks for joining up!
Howsee, WELCOME to the site and enjoy! You're way further south than I am!
Keep up the good fight brother. While we are gaining baby steps here, a large threat to our liberty still exists. Here and around the world people are finally waking up and saying no more. Take care and stay safe
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