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Greetings to this forum, but active on others...mostly 1911forum and Must admit, I am largely a 1911 guy as I worked at a law enforcement agency that allowed us a pretty broad choice of duty guns. While working there though I did carry a Glock from time to time, usually a 17C or 19, however out issued pistol for SWAT was a G22. As I was retiring the agency was making a switch to an issued firearm. The selected gun was the Glock series in .45 GAP. I spent 22 years with that agency and worked Patrol, Detectives, SWAT and was a supervisor at the ranks of Sergeant and Lieutenant. A FDLE and FBI Firearms Instructor since 1989 and an armorer on several platforms including Glock, 1911, HK USP, Benelli, Remington 870 and others.

I spent 3-1/2 years as a manufacturers rep for two body armor companies and we shot pretty much every caliber and weapon platform at armor during live fire demo's.

These days, I am teaching privately and at our local/regional police academy. A big majority of my students in private classes show up with Glocks in assorted flavors and the academy issues G17's and G19's, so I am back to shooting more Glocks so that I am using what my students do. Likewise, I am contemplating a return to LE work at the agency recruiting me issues G22's so I am getting reacquainted with the Glock platform.

I am looking forward to some stimulating conversation here.
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