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Hi all, just joined today, also belong to Glock Talk, but they won't allow me to post, for some reason. Something about being in a moderator que of something. Any way no response as to why, so here I am! Not new to firearms, as retired MP and civilian police officer. Used to use Sigs, but lately have been sold on Glocks.
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Welcome to the site rkguy - thanks for joining up! I've been banned from there a couple times so welcome to the club! Which glock(s) do you have?

Are you saying that you have been banned from GlockTalk? I joined them on 13th and still do not have "permission" to post, although I am free to read. I don't understand it. I have a couple of 30s, 27 and 23. More than I need, but seem to use all of them. One of the 30's is 02 model worked over by Lone Wolf and includes a reduced grip backstrap, I supposed like my 30sf. I acquired that one so would have a rail for Streamlight. But the old one groups much better than the late model one. I bought it that way, and wish I could find out exactly what they did to inside, but they do not keep records of work performed and dealer wouldn't release previous owner's name. I can understand that. Did you start your own forum because of being banned from the other? I can't even get banned because I can't post. Always looking for parts, mags, etc. But can't even contact sellers!
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Sorry - yes... I was banned because I would post links to polls here...

I started the forum because while other guns are great.. a forum with the name 'glock' in it should be about Glocks first.. I think they just started a needlepoint section on there yesterday - ok, probably not needlepoint, but the non-glock/gun sections definitely outnumber the glock sections..

Sounds like most of the models i've had (30, 23, 27..) Good times!

Rob I love the needlepoint thing rofl. I tried to join GT also but my IP was banned. Also some very arrogent and judgmental people who just seemed to be their to attack posters. Also some great guys like Butch and Hickcock.45. I think the new guys here will find good people here and Rob has done a great job. While i got a wealth of info from GT, all the BS really took the fun out of the sight. So far I have found no spelling police here either, which is nice because I hate to type.
I was just reading some of the recent comments, and I too was treated like rkguy9 with GT. It was almost like I had to have a sponsor before seeing or doing anything. Weird!!
Anyway, I am glad that I found this sight.
Yeah, that place is terrible that way... you should post links to here on there ;)

We've been a little quiet lately, but I imagine it'll pick up again soon...
welcome from az
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