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New Guy from Southern California - Glock 21SF Owner

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How's it going guys. I bought my first new handgun and my first Glock, a 21SF.

I've been an avid firearm enthusiast my whole life, second only to my love for automobiles (particularly American muscle). From a mechanical standpoint, I started to like the Glock MANY years ago when I rented a G21 at the range after it was exchanged for a rental Sig P220 (I don't blame it at all for being a Sig, it was a cruddy rental) that was jamming every few rounds. I couldn't help but be impressed that this boxy lookin' abused rental slut of a gun was running just as smooth as my father's Beretta 92FS and more accurately despite the bigger bang.

I've put off purchasing a new pistol for myself for years as I was content with father to son hand me downs while going to school, but when it came to buying my own first new, I researched Glocks first instinctively and fell in love with their mechanical simplicity and ingenuity from the viewpoint of a motorhead as I watched copies of some Glock Armorers Course vids.

Well anyways, the rest is history. I'm hoping to learn a lot from lurking these forums and hopefully getting help and contribute help as I educate myself.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the site Omuta - thanks for joining up!
Welcome to the forum and welcome to the addiction.
Welcome man! Good to have another SoCal-er... :cool:
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