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New guy from Michigan

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Hi everyone,
I'm the newest guy on the block and I've owned a G19C for about seven months now, and it's a trust worthy self defense weapon. I have my CPL and CC most of the time.
I hope to continue my education on Glocks here and maybe I can contribute also.
Good to be here.
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Welcome to the site. Good to have you here. Feel free to contribute, ask questions this is a nice site. Much better than some of the others I have been on. I really like it here I think you will too
Welcome to the site Jack! Thanks for joining!
welcome from az
Welcome to the community. We have a good wealth of knowledge here. Glad to have you with us. Happy Shootin! Boomer.
Welcome to the site! Feel free to shre your experience and ask questions.
Welcome to Glock Forums...
Welcome to the site Jack
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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