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New gun today

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Well, I added yet another Glock to the collection today. Got a G30sf on a trade today. Looking at the barrel hood I would guess round count around 200 or so rounds. Pretty much goes along with what the guy said he put through it. Not a bad feeling pistol now I just need a chance to take it to the range and see how it likes it's new sights I put on it.

I might try to get a picture of it at the range tomorrow if I get to go. Lots of other things going on at the sfguard house right now
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Now that's nice!!!! Proud for ya man! Sorry about your hand though...rub some dirt on it..
Pretty much what I've been doing. Must have been worse than I thought though I could hardly load the mag at the range today

Big Sissy .... has a ring to it. Maybe we should ask Rob to change your screen name. :p:p

Nice gun by the way ... :D
See above I finally got the Uplula out of the car my thumb was bothering me so bad

Nice looking Glock!

Is that the magazine that comes with it, or is it a +2 or something?
It is just the mag.
Nice looking shooter bud. Is that a +1 you have on that mag or is it just happy?
Nice looking shooter bud. Is that a +1 you have on that mag or is it just happy?
It is just glad to see you Boomer
congrats! i'm sittin here playin with my g29 i just picked up a few minutes ago, so i feel your excitement as well lol

i'll take some pics and do a thread on it soon :)
look forward to it
I owned one once ... that is what comes on the stock mags.
I must say that when I shoot my g30 the recoil seems comparable to the g19. how weird is that?
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