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New From DFW, TX

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Just joined the Forum. I am looking to forward to this Great place. I am a retired LEO and now a Pastor of a small Church in DFW. I love 1911's and revolvers. Because of my mindful slips I decided to carry just revolvers. After shooting a Glock for the first time a couple of years ago I fell in love with them because of the manual of arms and the fact I can trust them. Looking forward to reading the post.
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Welcome to the site Carlson! Look forward to hearing your insight on different topics!
Welcome Carlson. Glad to have ya cowboy.I was stationed at FT.Hood in the mid 80s and enjoyd Texas very much, the people were great and I loved 6th street in Austin.
Welcome to the site Pastor. I guess if arresting 'em didn't do any good , you can try to convert 'em. Best of luck and enjoy the forum.
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