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New from Aussie - Glock 17a

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Hi... Newb from Aus here...

Have stock 17a. Have Recoil spring, guiderod, connector, striker spring etc coming...

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My wife is an Aussie, a Melbourne girl. My oldest daughter has been attending Uni in Newcastle NSW and is waiting to hear on offers from Queensland and Sydney Uni for Pharmacy school. My youngest daughter starts Uni at Newie next month, so we spend a fair amount of time there and entertain a fair few Aussie here.

When we have guests over from Aus, I always take them out shooting as it's a very different experience for them.... Just a 10 minute drive into the desert and we have a go with all the different guns I can round up for them.

Welcome again to the forum and thanks for the updates on gun ownership in Aus...
Yes... They were handing in their AK-like chinese SKS style military rifles during the buy back...
Just got some kit in the mail... Fobus holster, 3 x double mag pouches, stainless guide rod, a 15lb and 13lb recoil spring, 3.5lb connector, striker spring and safety plunger spring...

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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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