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Need some good honest opinions please!

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Howdy yall, gotta glock 19 and I need a new holster for her, mines a nothin butta piece poo poo! Anywho, I need a decent holster, not tryin to spend alotta cash (cuz I don't got much) and I need it for on duty carry at work (Im an officer for a hospital). Any thoughts would sure help. God Bless Ya!
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Does you employer have policies mandating holster finish (look) and level of retention?
Welp, they like the holster to match the belt. My duty belt is black. So i reckon i need a black holster. As far as retention level, they leave that up to the officer.
I like the Safariland 6377 (level 2), but it is an open top holster with a retention device. You can shop around and find them in the sub $50 range. If you want more retention, I suggest going with the Safariland 6360 (level 3). The 6280 (level 2) is another good option. It is the same retention level as the 6377, but it has a different type retention device. The 6360 is actually a combination of the 6377 and the 6280.

You mention that your belt is black, but is it leather or nylon? If leather, is it basketweave or plain?
Sorry JL i gotta say it Blackhawk Bersa level 2. I love it about 29 bucks
Do you mean the Serpa?

Maybe his boss will allow them. I don't allow them for uniform use. For just a little bit more money you can get a much more reliable Safariland rig.
There are multiple training centers and quite a few big names that prohibit the Serpa from being used at their facilities.

I don't know of any agency that is approving the level 2 Serpa for uniform duty use (I do know of some approving the level 3).

The OP is asking about a duty holster. The Serpa level 2 is nowhere close to a duty grade holster. A duty holster and a simple carry holster are vastly different creatures.
he's a hospital security officer. doubtful his choices are as strict as law enforcement.
He's just as likely, maybe even more depending upon the hospital, to wind up in gun grab situations that I am.
+1 for the Black Hawk Serpa holsters, Thats what all the guards at my work wear and they love them. I have the sportster model which is the same thing just grey in color..Great holsters for the money
Are these guys gate sitters, or are they routinely involved in contact with people? There are many different types of security.
Not gate sitters at all, after a certain time of day usually 7pm there is one that is on constant patrol of the parking lot and the building itself. Then at 8 or 9pm three others show up and one watches the door by the bar which turns into an exit only door and the other 2 are stationed at the main entrance checking purses and wanding everyone who enters. but thats only on weekends when we have all 4 guards, sunday-thursday its usually only the one that patrols the building and parking lot.
I would suggest then that your people looking into something much more substantial thanthe Serpa.
I got one of the fobus holsters from, their not expensive at all
That's okay for a range holster, but I would suggest not "hitting the streets" with that holster.
THAT's whats wrong with you! LOL

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Chief will make it if it isn't TOO cold. :)
You know good and well that I said cold wasn't a problem. Cold and rainy, and I'm staying in bed.
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