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Need some good honest opinions please!

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Howdy yall, gotta glock 19 and I need a new holster for her, mines a nothin butta piece poo poo! Anywho, I need a decent holster, not tryin to spend alotta cash (cuz I don't got much) and I need it for on duty carry at work (Im an officer for a hospital). Any thoughts would sure help. God Bless Ya!
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Nylon or leather?
Yeah I don't wanna say which exact department I work for exactly, but im in the east part of Cleveland. Some of the roughest neighborhood's in the country just a couple blocks away.
Something a lot of people don't realize about working in a hospital especially in security is some of the things that you are involved in. I know where I used to work when we took someone into the ER if there were problems it was security in there to restrain them to the bed and such.

While we wanted to help and did to a extent it was looked at by our supervision as being their play ground and their game. It was more of a cover the cities butt thing really. Since the hospital's policies were different from ours. Also, they could do more with restraints than we were allowed to. In the name of medical care. Anyway, without getting into that a lot you should be very concerned about a possible gun grab situation.

That could be the worst nightmare for you and your hospital since you brought it into play meaning to or not. I would look at something triple retention as a minimum if I were you. They can still be brought out fast but they are hard for someone else to take.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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