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does the 3lb connector really do anything, I know the stock trigger pull is like butter so IDK, I was thinking mabey a stainless adjustable trigger, good suggestion thanks
the glock oem one is actually now called the 4.5lb connector, because that's the trigger pull weight it gives you. it's a mystery why they ever called it the "3.5lb" connector.

if you want a true 3.5lb connector, the ghost rocket is the only one i've tried that'll honestly get you that weight. i also have the 5lb tactical ghost connector. they are both highly polished and the smoothest brand i've tried.

i've also tried the scherer 3.5lb one, which is also about 4.5lb's, but is smoother than glock's.

if you like the stock 5.5lb, then leave it. or if you're curious, the scherer is only like $8.

for me, i'm much more accurate with aftermarket connectors that are lighter, and polished.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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