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my new Gen2 G19

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I saw a thread recently on the "other" GLOCK forum and it got me thinking about the Gen2 G19 I passed on locally last year. I have regretted it ever since.

Anyway, I recalled a dealer that sometimes has these on his site. I checked but they were all sold from the last batch. I sent him an e-mail asking if he expected any more any time soon. He didn't have any idea when/if he would get any more but told me he had ONE set back in his safe for himself that he has had for a LONG time. He said it was the NICEST one he's had through his shop and he would sell it to me. He had my payment within minutes sight unseen. That was Friday morning. I picked it up from my FFL at lunch today.

It's a CFUxxx SN dated May 1997. It appears to be all original inside and out with factory fixed sights and 2 LEO marked hicap mags. It is in the original Tupperware (with the original label intact for those that care about that stuff :p ).

I detail stripped it this afternoon, inspected it, and cleaned it. I actually removed copper anti-seize. It has some very slight finish wear on a couple of sharp points on the slide but appears to quite possibly never been fired ... or at least fired very little. If it has been cleaned I would expect it was cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner as it was clean as a whistle in the crevices that usually collect gunk.

I am very happy. I will leave it as is for now and will take it over to Smyrna when I have a day off to have it checked out to see if they would like to upgrade anything (based on the age). They will at min give it new springs and upgrade the mags to new ones. After all that I will prob swap some parts to my liking and add some Ameriglo NS.
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Congrats on a nice 19...
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