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My Favorite Glock (w/Pics)

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Without question, my Glock 17 is my all-time favorite pistol. In its present configuration, it has a rounded trigger guard, LWD G34 barrel, 3.5lb connector, LWD steel recoil spring guide, all internals polished, and 19 round magazines. This is my SHTF go-to pistol and stays in my B.O.B. The G34 barrel gives me another 50fps and the ability to shoot handloads.

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Glocks are fantastic ......
Even though you gain the FPS jump with the extra barrel length, have you noticed any increase in accuracy?
Nice piece.
There's no increase in accuracy since there's no change in the distance between the sights as you would have with a G34. The pistol shoots very well with either the Glock or LWD barrel.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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