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Man Attacked by Kids

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The video is grainy but basically, a couple of teens decided to attack an innocent bystander for apparently no reason, while others video taped the event. I have a staunch belief in men not hitting women but this young lady would have been taking a nap...
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It's why I have dogs! They never ask for the car keys and I ALWAYS know where they're at, at 10 pm!

Pretty sorry that no one stepped in to help and it says a lot about how those kids are being raised and how little involvement their parents have...
Guess I would be in jail. Looking at that safety rail I kept wondering how far she would fall.
Thugs are thugs regardless of gender. 2 to the chest and I'm on my way
A thug's a thug. I agree. Once attacked, it's defense time. I've never hit a woman and have no plans to, however, I've never been hit by one either. (Thankfully)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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