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Man Arrested for carrying a GLOCK, knives and a Pepper Grenade

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BOYNTON BEACH - The man found to be carrying guns while waiting in line for a Black Friday sale said in court this morning that he's a retired federal law enforcement officer.
Boynton Beach police said they arrested Christopher D. Scott, 49, just after midnight today in a checkout line at the Walmart at 3200 Old Boynton Road.
Scott is charged with three counts each of carrying a concealed firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription.
Interesting. I'm sure some of our Florida members will chime in but based on my info, a person can lawfully conceal carry with license of course in Florida. I'm wondering what caused the attention of Law Enforcement to notice what he was carrying. I'm wondering if it was the 33 round magazine sticking out of his jacket. LOL :cool: Heck, I didn't even know they were 30 round .40 cal GLOCK magazines. LOL

And why the Three counts of carrying a concealed firearm? They apparently charged him separately for the knives, so I wonder why there were three separate charges.
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Concealed carry is legally permitted in Florida via a license. As far as I know, Walmart doesn't ban CCW. I doubt that he was licensed.

Additionally, if your weapon is seen, it is your duty to inform law enforcement. The license is for concealed carry, not open carry, so once it is visible, all bets are off. I've got a feeling this guy wasn't licensed, or maybe it was the ski-mask and "Kill 'em All" t-shirt that led to probable cause.
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