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Magazine release disappointment

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This is my first Glock, uhh, ever...<blush> and I am having a Tactical issue with my weapon. It is a used Glock 23 .40 with the 13 round mags. I can't get the exact date from the serial number, but I did find out it's a Gen 2. I know that the fully loaded mags were designed to swell so that there wasn't an accidental magazine release during shooting, but the empty mags won't drop either. I have lubricated them but I see where there are slide marks on the mags so I'm thinking the tolerances are too tight. I thought about sanding down the sides a few microns with some emery paper, but I wanted to hear from the Glock nation before I went to extremes. I have also thought maybe the mags were just wore out and are simply too swelled but I can't find any subject matter on that here, nor have I heard this issue from my brother's in Law Enforcement. I do not like the fact I have to use the hand that should be securing a fresh mag to pull the empty one out. That is tactically unsound. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds like you have the original non metal lined mags.
Those were designed not to drop free.
Buy some new mags. :cool:
I'd agree - drop the $40 on a pair of new FML (Full Metal Lined) mags - though it should be said that some FML mags do drop free and some don't... you'd be in a better boat than you are now.
Thanks guys. I read somewhere that the first 2nd Gen's were only half lined with metal, and some were fully lined. I must have the half. Do any of you have the 3rd Gen, and if so does an empty mag drop freely? I can't imagine such a world renowned tactical weapon not doing so. Though it is much heavier, I'm going to carry my 1911 until I get this magazine issue resolved. Thanks for the input guys!
GLOCK mags have never been declared by GLOCK to be "drop free", although most will, and most retailers advertise them that way.
I've bought some of those cheap Korean mags and have sanded a few of them down to "drop free".

GLOCK mags on closeout $18.99
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I want to say some original or "older" mags were designed not to "drop free" b/c the Austrian military didn't want to pick their mags up out of the snow after they hit the mag release. So some glock mags just release and just move from the locked position.

Newer mags are all "drop free"
Basically, the non drop free mags were designed on the European way of thinking. Its a combat weapon and the mag souldnt be allowed to drop free so that it is forced to be pulled out rather than just be allowed to drop out and be left behind on the battle field. It just adds to mag retention so you dont leave them and be without them when you need them again. The drop free design was brought about, from what I was able to find, because of request letters by U.S. Law Enforcement.

I have a Gen3 23 and the mags all drop free without a hitch. If I were you, Id get 2 or 3 brand new 23 or 32 mags and you should be good to go. Also, you can get a more accurate handle on the serial number reference for production date by calling GLOCK in Smyrna, GA. (770)432-1202. Oh, one other thing, if you havent already, give the magwell a good scrubbing cause there might be some gunk in there holding the mags up. And, dont skimp and buy Korean mags. They are basically reverse engineered versions of the original first gen non drop free designed mags.
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some pics of drop free 2nd & 3rd gen and non drop free


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