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(1)- Remington woods master semi auto 30.06 95%/100% condition, MFG date. (1969) SAFE QUEEN!!! BEEN SHOT 4 TIMES WHOLE LIFE!! this rifle has beautiful wood 90%blueing left no rust, no cracks, near perfect. $625

(2)- Marlin lever action .444 rem. BRAND NEW THIS thing is a cannon. SAFE QUEEN been in safe whole life. MFG date. (1973) you cannot go wrong with a lever action 99% blueing left, BEAUTIFUL WOOD .. No stretches no rust. NOTHING!!! YOU WILL NO BE DISSAPOINTED WITH THIS RIFLE. $675--- SOLD

(3)- Savage model 37 bolt action .222 99% overall condition. Safe queen it's whole life.. MFG date. (1949) practically brand new been shot 11 times all it's life. All rifles we're owned by my grandfather WW2 veteran. 2 real magazines, no remand mags scope rings and mount are bought at same time rifle was. They are period correct mounts and scope rings. scope was put on around 1977 that's only thing no peiod correct. But can be taken off easy. This gun is highly collectable and sought after. Do your research on all the rifles you will not be DISSAPOINTED!! $500* pics will be up tomorrow morning

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