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Lock up those guns

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We have 3 kids.. 12yr, 6yr, 3yr.. and any firearm or other weapon is locked or on me at all times to ensure that they don't get their grubby/curious hands on them.

When they are 12.. (my son) they're probably at the age where you can talk to them about gun safety.. take them out to the range.. get them a bb gun.. and make sure they know the ground rules of your guns - no touch unless you yourself get it out..

Anyway - that's one of the main points in our house.

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Everybody has their own opinions about how to teach their kids. And, I don't advocate "my" way to anyone.

My son was shown and allowed to handle my guns when he was 3-4 years old. I told him about safety and how dangerous they could be. I also told him that the guns would be his one day. He held them and realized they were kind of heavy and then he got bored. A few months later, when some other kids were visiting, my son came running up to me and told me that one of the other kids was "touching my rifle".

Well, there was an unloaded Savage 99 on a wall rack in the spare bedroom. I immediately removed the rifle and thanked my son for telling me. I told him he could see and touch the guns whenever he wanted. It ended up to be more than a few years before he ever showed interest and we started going to the range.

I guess my point is that I never hid the guns from my son and actually offered access whenever he wanted. He's 26 now, and everything turned out fine. I believe that when you hear the stories about kids "finding" a gun at home, and someone gets shot, it happens out of curiosity. In my case, I eliminated the curiosity. Good luck.
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Yep - I agree - It is better to show/explain than hide. I've only been into guns about 5 years.. but do keep everything locked up just in case. Our safe is a little push button combination safe that I and my wife know the combo to.

My son knows that he's not allowed to touch/handle w/o me there - and honestly, he hasn't shown much interest yet. My two girls though are sneaky.. like their mother. :)
I actually agree with both of you and it is really up to the responsible adult to know how best to handle the issue of firearms and kids. I think it is great Ted that how you handled it worked out for you and I think you were very smart about it. I also believe that doesn't work for everyone and sometimes it is necessary to handle it differently, as in Rob's case.

It is not an issue I have to address, as my wife and I do not yet have any children. When/If that happens I honestly do not know how I will address it but I will definitely be teaching my kid about guns as soon as he is old enough to understand what I'm saying.
I introduced guns/shooting to my son at age 5. My daughter is 4 and has not been with me yet, but sees me carrying daily. I always emphasize gun safety and what to do if they are at someone's house and someone has a gun, touches a gun etc.. My son likes to shoot with me and I enjoy doing it with him. I want to setup a backstop in my yard and shoot the rim fires with him here on a more regular basis.

Outside of that, if it's not on my side, all firearms are locked away. Some are more accessible than others, but they are all locked away.
When they hit the age to go to the rifle range. I suggest you make them shoot until there hands fall off. That way it gets all out of there system. Whenever you tell a kid they can't have something you just know what they might do.
When I grew up the guns were hanging on the wall in the living room. I cannot remmber a time when I could not access them. When my kids were growing up only the ammo was locked up in a small safe. I never owned a gunsafe untill last year when I had to move into A small town because of the econemy. It would be easy to break in and every time I went somewhere I was worried about my guns. I bought the safe and it eases my mind when away from home.
Mine's definitely locked away but it's about as quick to access as I can make it. My 2 year old daughter watches me dry fire and knows the gun by name. I'm not too sure when I'll actually start teaching her, but the whole concept gets a thumbs up from my wife.
Cool that your wife supports that idea!
I have a friend who has 2 little girls 6 and 4. One day they expressed some curiosity in his guns so he let them handle them one day when he got back from the range (unloaded of course). Lol, his girls were so upset that they got dirty they didn't want anything to do with them. I am sure one day he will have the gun talk with them probably after the birds and bees talk.
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