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Loaded Ammo Current Prices

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Don't buy the crap at that ridiculous price. It will go down if people don't get conned by these ammo companies. This price is double what it should be at least !
Just more of the same ol' overpriced sh*t.....

Don't buy that crap for that price!
Most of it is just because fools continue to buy at these ridiculous prices. If people would stop that, prices would go down a lot.
Local Academy has Aguilla 22lr for 8 cents a round. New low for this ammo!

Aguila Ammunition High Velocity .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition - 250 Rounds | Academy

Not buying it.....still too high!

But still a good sign.
Aguila Standard High Velocity .22 LR 38 Grain Copper Plated Hollow Point 50 Rounds per Box


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That's a crap price. Academy has it all the time now for 8 cents a round.

Red Army Standard - 9mm - 115 Grain - FMJ - Steel Case - 50 Rounds


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Sarsilmaz - 9mm - 115 Grain - FMJ - 50 Rounds


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DRZ - 9mm - 115 Grain - FMJ - 50 Rounds


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Red Army Standard - 9mm - 115 Grain - FMJ - Steel Case - 50 Rounds


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Still too expensive....don't buy that crap for that price. Let it sit on the shelf and rot!
I don't have any disdain for your post. I have disdain for the prices these ripoffs are charging and warn people they are getting screwed and not to buy it from the people who are selling it.

You are advertising it like it is some kind of good deal and it's not!

Like I said, leave it on the shelf and let it rot at those prices. If people keep buying at those prices, it will never go down.
The price trends are.....the sh*t is still the same price at it was a year or more ago.
Walmart does not list ammo on website but still sells rifle ammo. You have to go there to see what they have.

22lr is considered rifle ammo so they are still selling it.
Academy has lots of 22lr CCI mini-mag ammo
Don't buy this crap at this price. Let 'em eat it until they get it down where it should be.
No movement from Freedom. Still $14.50 for New 115gr round nose. And $14 for reman.

I sure wish I knew what the pre-COVID prices related to after this inflation. Some restaurants we frequented are nearly double the price (we no longer frequent). Gas and Electricity are double here.

So is ~.30/rd as soon as we’re going to get?

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Your electricity in Dallas is double ? Are you saying your are paying 2X what you used to per kilowatt hour?
Ammo Inc Signature 115 gr TMC 9mm Ammunition, 50 Rounds - 9115TMC-A50

$29.99 $13.49 $0.67rd

click here
How can $13.49 for a box of 50 come out to be 67 cents a round? Seems a little more like 26 or 27 cents a round to me.....whadda' you think?
Just picked up 5000 rounds of CCI mini-mag 22lr for 6.8 cents a round. Cheapest I have ever seen that ammo and shipping was free with that many rounds.
Smith and Wesson sales off by 47% in the last quarter

Ammo prices will be dropping big time in the near future.
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