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I've finally got my new Remington 597 VTR 22lr tuned in. 300 rounds total and the only FTE I had was on the first shot. (Probably because I completely disassembled the receiver and it took a shot to get the guide rods and ejector in the right spot) I've only been able to shoot it indoors so far so the distance was 15 yards. I put a 1x42 red dot scope on it that is a 4 MOA dot. And for those who've never shot with a red dot scope before, you've gotta get used to the parallax error. Anyway, once got my eyes right and my cheek position solid, I was able to shoot some respectable groups with CCI Mini-mags. My favorite target of the day is the pics below. 10 shots, handguard resting on my fist. For a red dot that was half the size of his head, I'll take it. I can't wait to add a true scope. I'm thinking single hole with better optics.

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