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I have a very low round count LCP-VL

I took this as a partial trade on a Glock I had for sale. I planned on my wife using it as a purse gun, but she says she doesn't want it lol. I have no need for it as I already have a LCP II for when I need to pocket carry.
1st owner said he shot 12 rounds of Sig Sauer V-Crown JHP through it and gave me the rest of the box. I shot the other 8 rounds through it just to make sure it cycled. Cleaned it up, and she's ready to go.

* Comes with the box, lock, pocket holster, etc.
* An extra mag so 2 mags total
* Laser works great

NOTE - He stated he dropped it once. The top of the rear right sight has some scrapes on it. I took the best picture of it as I could. Other than that it looks great.

$200 face to face in NE Iowa
$230 shipped
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