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Knives you own

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I saw KeithD's Bawidamann Blade pics and thought I'd ask what kind of knives everybody else owns? Post pics if you can. What is your favorits brand of knife?:cool:

CRKT Ultima Knife, good price and seems like a fairly decent fixed blade.

The good old Emerson CQC7, Richard
arcinko's Rougue Warrior books turned me on to this knife, haven't been dissappointed yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's also on the cover of David Morrell's The Protector book, great read as well. He's the author of Rambo and his books are great, he also lives in Santa Fe, NM, his books are the ONLY reason I wanted to be stationed here in NM.
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Leatherman Surge- work EDC
Gerber Suspension (I think)- work EDC
Some cheap auto open knife-stays at comp desk
Kobalt Folding Utility Knife- Stays in truck
CRKT Pazoda- My gentlemans knife (for when i get dressed up)
Stanley key chain knife- just as the name implies
Tiny Swiss Army knife- found in drive way
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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