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KKM Precision Match Barrel G17 9mm

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Selling a used KKM Precision Match 9mm drop-in barrel for a Glock 17. Has about 300 rounds through it.

Asking for $110.00 shipped. I will only accept discreet Payal or Gunpal/Gpal.

I highly recommend not using certain factory reloads with it. If you do the slide will not go into battery. Reason is because the reloaded brass might be slightly bigger than the chamber (which has a tight tolerance fit which is normal). You would have to hit the back of the slide to get it into battery. You will not be able to eject the round unless you fire it. With new factory loaded ammo there is no problem. This is not a defective barrel!


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I would like to know if:
o the Glock 17 KKM Barrel is still available
o sending it to France would be possible

Thank you in advance for your answers.
Sorry but the barrel has been sold already.
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