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I could not find the thread where I had posted the images of "Gunny" and the bling where MtStream asked about the keychains. The one in plastic is a fridge magnet.

soo, I am packing up to move, yet again, and found them :

Photograph White Black Air gun Trigger

Air gun Trigger Everyday carry Gun barrel Gun accessory

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Jewellery
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The original post was on another forum 馃槄 Thanks for the info! I'm going to start hunting one now 馃榿
Doh !

If you can not find one I have two and would be willing to share, I can send you one.
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How about this pin ?

Sleeve Font Plant T-shirt Art

Sleeve Font T-shirt Fictional character Fashion accessory
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I've never seen that pin before! I did start a pin collection a couple years ago - if you've got an extra one of those, I want it! 馃榿

The pin collection started out as a federal agency pins, but like everything for me, it became all about Glock. :giggle:
Sorry I only have that one, it was a gimme, at the NRA show in Houston.

Did a quickie search and did not see one but did buy this :

Wood Font Silver Metal Fashion accessory

glock swag/ebay
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