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Justified - Season 3 Starts Tonight (Tuesday) - 10pm FX Channel...

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Just a note that the new season of Justified starts tonight (Tuesday, January 17th) at 10pm on the FX channel... There's also a repeat at 11pm... Season 2 was great, so hoping the Season 3 will be even better!

Let's hope Raylan puts his Glock to good use again this season!
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I tried to watch the series again over the weekend but streaming has moved it to “buy or rent”

BTW - Welcome back to

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On for 7 seasons and would still be a favorite today!
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Maybe ask for downloads at that other place ?

I would like to have them as well.
Another of my all time favorite programs was the Shield.
It was a fun show... I haven't watched it in years... Would be nice to watch it again...
Set to record on the DVR. I try to go to bed by 10 PM EST as I get up early to work out. I also have Southland on TNT set to record it's season premiere tonight at 9 PM EST.
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