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Just got a glock 23

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This is my first glock. I never was a big fan of them. Soon after getting my CCW and caring a 92fs around i soon thought i need something a little smaller. I started looking around and the 23 just stood out for me being able to convert it to a 9mm or 357sig and the size and knowing they are good guns had to get one i think im going to get the extended slide release and extended mag release. I did get night sights tijicons. Cant wait tell the ten day waiting period is up.Is there anything u guys could suggest me doing to it.Other than what i mentioned.Now I'm hooked
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first Glock.
Thank u. I will defiantly be getting more of them.
Can anyone suggest a good web site to buy parts.
Welcome to the forum. The g23 is going to be my next glock.It will go with my g22.
Congrats, my 23 is by far my favorite handgun, but I love my little 27 too. I like looking around on, good prices on guns, parts and ammo, one stop shopping. I tend to go to too and compare prices I find on web sites, they have some stuff for Glocks.
Can anyone suggest a good web site to buy parts.

Either one is pretty good
Great buy... Welcome to the sight
As a GLOCK Certified Armorer I order most of my parts directly from them. Before that (and still now sometimes) I would order from Brownells.

For a new GLOCK here's what I do ...

night sights (my pref is Ameriglo)
extended slide stop
smooth (non-serrated) trigger with trigger bar (from a full sized GLOCK)
reduced pull connector (my pref is GLOCK factory minus connector or a Ghost Ranger 4.5#)

I do have a couple of GLOCKs with extended mag release buttons (one is a Vickers Tactical and the other is a GLOCK) but really don't think they are necessary. They don't really help me "reach" it any better so I probably won't put them on any more of my guns.
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Welcome and congrats on your purchase. You'll love your G23. I have both the G23 and G23C models and love them both.
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