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It's snowing.....

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And so it begins....:eek:
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Move south! LOL
I just looked outside no it isn't. LOL just kidding. What state are you in?
North NY nevermind found it
Yup.....WAY North NY

I LOVE your avatar.....

Down here in Florida we're hoping that the Gulf cools down enough to stop hurricanes from forming... different weather, that's for sure...

Sometimes it cools off in October... some times not until December or January... pretty crazy.
January/February we are usually below zero F......

Sometimes WAY 30 or 40 below....
I like it this way, but hoping the southern Rockies get some good snow for skiing
I've got the A/C on. It's gonna be a hot day at the range today.
Me too...

The indoor range I usually go to is air conditioned... We have a nice outdoor range, too... but during the Summer it's sweltering.
It was 70, sunny and light southwest wind here in Virginia Beach today. We're hoping for some cooler weather to improve the hunting and fishing but it might hit 80 this week.
Man, I'm in NW Minnesota, and it isn't even snowing here...yet.
Winter comes early and stays late here.....
many of you northerners, aka snowbirds come to az from now until april/may.
Not folks have BUGS that can kill a person.....

I ain't going NEAR that...
Yup.....WAY North NY

I LOVE your avatar.....
Thanks I use it on a couple of forums. I have also noticed that a few others have stolen it on other forums. I guess I should feel complimented.
No way!!!!!
Good, enough Yankees here as it is. :)
Good, enough Yankees here as it is. :)

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1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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