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Is the rumor true? NO MORE RTF's OR Olive Drab's?

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I think I recieved an email from stating that Glock is discontinuing OD models and RTF's. I wonder if it was just a good sales pitch, or was it really true. If so I guess I'll hang on to my G30 OD. You guys hear anything?
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The RTF and RTF2, were as you all know, never considered a generation by Glock. It seems like somebody from Glock told me the OD guns were being discontinued, but I'll have to confirm that.

The Gen4 pistols pretty much make the RTF pistols an afterthought. I expect that if a large enough contract came down the line specifying RTF/RTF2 that Glock would produce them. They were producing Gen2 pistols by contract for a rather large agency at one time even after the Gen3 guns were standard. That agency has since switch caliber and is in Gen3s.
Just confirmed with a reliable contact that the OD models are indeed gone.
Well that certantly added some value to the OD guns.
This is just my opnion and not coming from Glock:

Agency sales make up a large percentage of Glocks sales. The OD guns didn't do well at all in the LE market. A greed pistol being worn buy somebody in a brown, black/gray, or any shade of blue uniform just looks odd. I know that it sounds rediculous, but I'm serious.

They were a novelty amond the citizen market, but I'm sure Glock tracked their sales enough to know whether or not they were worth producing.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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