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Is the rumor true? NO MORE RTF's OR Olive Drab's?

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I think I recieved an email from stating that Glock is discontinuing OD models and RTF's. I wonder if it was just a good sales pitch, or was it really true. If so I guess I'll hang on to my G30 OD. You guys hear anything?
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That is the rumor that is going around. I think the RTFs are being replaced by the 4th gens and the ODs and such just never really took off very well. But again, that is what I have heard. I don't actually know.
When they first came out alot of people did call the RTF the 4th generation. Glock only called it RTF and RTF 2. The current 4th Generation is the only Glock pistol that Glock themselves actually called a Generation. I have no idea who started it but it sure caught on since even the company is now doing it
I think I'am going to go a head and get one of those G22 RTF2 for winter CCW.
I think you could do much worse
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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