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Introduction for everyone about me

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Well I'm 32 yrs old and have been around guns all of my life. My father was a outdoorsman who loved to shoot,hunt and fish. When I was old enough I have a single shot .22lr that we ( father old brother and I) would go out shooting for the weekend we would use a brick of .22 shells every weekend. Shooting target,beer cans, grey diggers,etc.... fun family time. As I got older I was able to shoot my fathers bigger guns. My favorite hand gun of his was a Colt comander 45 acp. That gun was fun to shoot even as a 12-14 yr old boy. Both me and my wife hunt and try to do the same for my kids as I had. With shooting and just general good fun in the outdoors.
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Welcome to the site norco - thanks for joining up!
You're gonna love this place. Tons of info for new Glocksters. Welcome~

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