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Great.....who let the cyclefreak in???? LOL just kiddin. Welcome to the forum. I'm new too, but so far I kinda like the place. I am sure someone will try to change my mind about that but I am pretty stubborn.

New to the forum but not to Glocks and guns in general. I was raise with a loaded
shotgun, ,22 rifle or 30-30 behind every door. Spent tours in Nam, 68-69. Have the T-Shirt and
headwound scars to show for it, Couldn't buy a job when I got back from Nam, but the Metro
Police Dept of Washington DC took me in, gave me a job and a career. Been in Law
Enforcement of one kind or another ever since. Last job as a Deputy was as a Child Sex Abuse
Investigator. That wore me out and I left for Parole. Been a Parole Officer for the last 20 years.
I have a nice collection of guns of which 4 are Glocks. A model 31 and 33 in 357 SIG and a model
30 and 36 in .45 ACP. Have a couple Sigs in 9mm and several Smiths. Wife and I both have had
our CCW's since the early 90's. My wife is a Magistrate and Juvenile Probation Officer. Kinda runs
in the family. I ride a Harley Ultra Classic as a work bike and I have a Nomad I've made a trike out of that I use for the wife, dog and me on the weekends. Drive a Jeep when I can't ride.
Been married 42 years. I'm a hard core conservative and about as politically correct as a sharp
stick in the eye. Guess that's about it.
Stay safe,

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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