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Saw your site and figured would signup and give it a try, looks a bit more 'laidback' than that 'other' one... ;)

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Welcome to the forums! We have a lot of friendly people here...

Do you already have a Glock? ... Thinking about getting one? ... or, just looking?
I think youll like it, Im new and I sure do!
Just picked up my first Glock, a 27.
Feel free to ask any questions, theres plenty of friendly people with lots of knowledge here that are happy to share.

Welcome to the forum!
LOL - Friendly bunch, I like it!

I have been a member of the Glock fraternity since around '95 or '96 with my original and now positively ancient 27 -on my second 29 now and not letting it go!
Welcome to the site.
laid back? what do you mean by laid back? How do I take this?

.....kidding. Welcome to the forum.
its a great forum, very imformative group of glocksters. welcome!
Welcome, very good group here.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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