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Hello all. Thought I'd drop a quick note to introduce myself here...would like to be active for many years to come.

Just recently become active in target shooting. Owned a Ruger 22wmr for many years and a Winchester lever action 30-30. But am really starting to enjoy pistols. Wife and I have been out 4 times in the last 6 weeks shooting our new G29 (but that one's getting expensive lol)

Been a motorcycle rider most of my life. Been a network admin mainly interested in security for the last 20 yrs. Had my own ISP biz back in the dialup days...sold customer base to move to Az.

Enjoy camping (as high an altitude as we can it clear and crisp).

Anyway, howdy from Az!
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Welcome to thanks for joining up!

Linux admin here.. been into internet 'stuff' for about 15ish years..

I like glocks too ;)


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Whats your flavor of Linux? Kinda like Mint, myself... Usually suggest Zorin for convertees. Only has a 3 to 4% learning curve for them to get onboard with it. Zorin has done a wonderful job of making the GUI very easy for Linux newbs!
Welcome to Glock.Pro
Thanks to all that have taken time to welcome! Interaction makes this a better place! Look forward to chattin' with all of you in times to come!
Welcome to, GlockNewb...

Seems like there are lots of Network Admins floating around here... :)
Welcome to the forum. We're a good bunch around here.
Good to have you here & enjoy the ride.
Greetings. I liked Arizona when I was stationed there. Pretty state
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