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Interesting Foreign Object Jam (cause, effect, solution)

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Shooting in a USPSA match this weekend, a member of my squad experienced a problem with his Glock, I think it was a G17. The symptom was that when, after the buzzer sounded, he attempted to fire the pistol, the trigger would not move. He was able to drop the magazine, operate the slide to eject the live round and make the gun safe, but could not get the trigger to reset to the safe position. Hmmm.

I was watching, and being fresh and eager from Armorer's school I stepped forward and said "I'm an Armorer, let me have a look, maybe I can help". He was also trained as an Armorer, but he agreed, so we took the gun to the Safety Table. I repeatedly operated the slide, but was unable to pull the trigger, and because I couldn't pull the trigger we couldn't get the slide off. I was mumbling something about sticking an Armorer's tool through the back to push the trigger bar down, and while I was talking I continued to operate the slide back and forth. I shook the pistol a little also, and then suddenly I was able to pull the trigger and remove the slide.

And what did we find? Nestled in the space between the trigger bar and the frame (indicated by the pencil point in the photo below), we found an Airsoft pellet! By shaking the gun a little I had moved it out of the position where it had caused the jam. I don't know how it got there (it wasn't my gun) and the owner wasn't sure. But when we took the pellet out, the pistol worked perfectly.

Lesson learned here, for me: don't assume that every failure you see is going to be caused by some broken part or other fault with the pistol. In this case, it was a simple foreign object that jammed it. How it got there remains a mystery.

I'll bet this is a good reason to have one of those plugs on the pistol.

In this photo, the gun shown is mine, not the one that had the problem.



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... usually forgetting to put all the parts back in before putting the slide back on the frame. DOH!!! :p
It'll do it every time if you don't put the barrel or recoil spring in the slide. ........of course I've never done that! Just guessing. LOL :eek:
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