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I do not mean this towards any one person, and it is not meant to belittle the posting abilities of any members.

As most Mods and ALL Admin should know, the db will handle any size image by increasing the borders of the single post with said image. It used to not be that way, but technology is abounding for everything today.

There are some things that improve site response time.

The extension of the images makes a difference of how much "data" space an image takes, ie: png vs jpg vs gif vs bmp vs tiff etc.

The "size" of the image is the next thing to consider.

A "normal" page size will accommodate an image of 800x600 pixels easily for normal viewing, anything over that size expands the post border.

One of the jobs I have at another site is to "fix" images posted to "fit" in the page without expanding the border or using excessive bandwidth.

This results in a viewing pane that is faster and clearer in most cases.

I am on 100 Mg cable, (with a machine that will outrun my connection if I could get Comcast to take the "cap" off of me), and sometimes see a "lag" here when this happens, I can only imagine what it is doing to the ones using phones, dsl, or (gasp) dial-up connections ....

Not complaining as I am good, but thinking of other users who may be having issues with the large images, if this is a problem for some, maybe a Mod or someone could resize/change extensions on the ones that are hogging bandwidth.

(I will leave the ads in the headers as bandwidth hoggers for another time ...wink wink )


AGAIN this is not aimed at any one person, thinking of the group as a whole is my intention here !

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That's good advice, OT. I was surprised that the site doesn't put a limit on the size of an individual image, it looks like they manage to a space limit per post of about 5mb. A LOT.

I know that I'm guilty of posting images that are too large. I'm trying for a balance of clarity and space consumption, not very successfully. In some cases I've gone back into a post and swapped the images out for smaller ones.

I just did a test with one photo, exporting it from iPhoto with some variations in parameters, and found that the high-resolution, medium-sized version takes 76kb. The maximum resolution, large size takes 922 kb. Yep, I've been using maximum resolution, large size for quite a while. My bad.

From now on, my standard will be high-resoultion, medium-sized photos!

By the way, if there's a particular post of mine that is troublesome, say so and I'll go back and trim the images down. I'm learning more about my software every day, so there is probably some old stuff out there that's way too big.

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