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If you had to choose just one Glock, which would it be?

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You can only have one Glock...which one is it?

For me, I say the 26, just because it can do everything pretty well. Its nearly as accurate as its bigger brothers, but has the advantage of easy portability. Also, its chambered in the ever reliable and ever available 9mm caliber. Oh, and it accepts a 33rd mag.
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My 19/3, I guess it is because it is my first and only. I have shot a nice 26, that had some work done to it, very, very nice.
I would have to choose the 27. I have one and it is the perfect CC gun for me. I have a 40-9 Lone Wolf conversion barrel & glock 26 mags, so it is also a 9mm handgun. In addition I bought a 357sig conversion barrel from Storm Lake & use the 40S&W mags with no problems. I have one gun that shoots 9mm, 40s&w & 357sig ammo. What's not to love about that.

...I had an Advantage Arms 22LR conversion kit ordered for it , but the Glock 21 kit came in first so I cancelled the kit for the 27. So if fate had not intervened I would also be shooting 22's thru it instead of using my 21sf with the 22 kit.
4th gen G17
G23. Haven't tried a Gen4 one yet but I'd like to.
For me it would be a G19. I have two (one Gen3 and one Gen4). It would be hard to choose between the two but I'd grab one for sure.

My G26 would be a close second.

I actually consider my G34 one of my favorite pistols but if I could only have one I would go with a more practical CC gun listed above.
My only Glock for a while was the G21. But I just bought a G19 and have to say that I very impressed with the "shootability" of the mid-sized 9mm.

So, the G19 for everyday shooting!

But, the G21 for stopping power!!

Tried, proven and the definition of Glock Perfection.
It would be a Gen 4 G19, which I'm shopping around for now.
While I want to say the G19 because it is the single best all around pistol ever made......I'm forced to say my G26 because I like to carry it much better.
19/3 with Ameriglo sights, an extended slide stop, and a smooth trigger installed...
I'd do the same thing again...

I would still by a 4th generation G17 as my first Glock...
G23 generation 3..... .40 on three...1,2,3, 40 CALIBER!!
I sure as hell would not take my 30sf...oh wait...I dont have it anymore... lol.
G19 :)
I would say my Glock 29SF.Because it can do anything I asked of any carry gun.
27, most flexible with drop-in barrels and my present ccw.
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