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How'd ya find us?

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Some via other gun sites.. some via google.. some from sites we advertise on... how'd YOU find us?
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I did a google search for glock forums ...
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Cool - Welcome to the site bahs - you're in at the ground floor! :)
Someone on facebook put up a message on a Glock fan page with a link to this website. I registered ASAP.
ar15jules, lol.

That's funny! I have not seen you on PAFOA in years and stumble across you on Glocktalk. Now you are here.
That's funny! I have not seen you on PAFOA in years and stumble across you on Glocktalk. Now you are here.
LoL. Always happy to add another gun board to the favorites list.

You got PM over there by the way.

Got invited to run a few ads on here by the big guy.
Always interesting to see how people found us - keep it goin! Thanks!
Was looking on the Glock website and decided to google search for a Glock Forum and found this site.
After going to another Glock forum site, and being completely disappointed that I could not speak, ask, nor query anything unless I paid TOO MUCH money, I googled Glock forums and after looking at a few, decided on this one. I am pleased so far. Keep up the good work!
I googled Glock Forum and found an alternative to the popular Glock Talk. I joined up 2 weeks ago and sent 2 messages to the sysadmin since I have not been approved yet and can not post. No responses...heck with them!
I stumbled across one of Robs posts on GT talkin about this site.
Great info guys.. how about some of the newer members?
I found this site by doing a Google search, after being turned away by GlockTalk. I'm a brand new Glock owner, and never been to any Glock forum before. Glocktalk has banned my IP address. No explanation given. I've never even visited there, much less posted. Never registered there. They won't respond to e-mails. So I came here.
Googled "Glock Forums" after having problems with the aforementioned site... waited weeks for my new account to "activate" and when i read that folks were waiting MONTHS i said forget it and came here!!!!!
Welcome to the site!

Now I have a question... why were we the 2nd choice? ;) Let me know if you have any ideas to make this the first choice for people in the future...

1 - 20 of 302 Posts
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