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How Much Does Your FFL Charge for Brokering a New Gun Purchase?

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I know a lot of you buy new Glocks under the LEO, GSSF, and Glock Certified Armorer plans.

How much does your FFL charge for brokering the new gun purchase? My closest, most favorite gun shop/range charges $50. That seems like a lot of money to basically hold a package until I come in and pick it up.

It sure takes a large chunk out of what would otherwise be a great deal!
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Like TheLaw said my local shop charges $25 to transfer in a gun .... if you aren't a "special" customer. :cool:
With as many guns as your purchase, you deserve your "special" status.
Luckily, they agree.
I'll probably use Clydes. I think they charged me $25 the one time I used them.
Yes, that is who I use and they charge $25. Fair enough. Close enough for you and I too.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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